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KIKA GROUP Company consists of: 



KIKA - consists of 75 pet shops in Lithuania and 53 in Estonia. In these stores you can find everything that your pet desires, from luxury goods to everyday items. For the convenience of the customer, in many KIKA stores there are KIKA Grooming parlors, where highly qualified groomers wash, dry, trim and clean the pets. The grooming parlors have innovative equipment and not only tend to dogs, but also rabbits and cats.

The biggest KIKA stores also offer a KIKA VET office services, where qualified veterinary doctors can offer free consultations on the pet’s problems and recommend products that best fit the pets’ needs. In these vet offices you can also get minor procedures, such as microchipping and teeth cleaning.

KIKA sells a variety of pets, such as rodents, birds, fish and reptiles and, also, all the inventory that is required for their care. The innovative and modern care products come from well-known brands, such as “Nature’s Protection”, “Tauro Pro Line”, “A’Scentuals”, “Royal Canin”, “Beaphar”, “Trixie”, “Juwel”, ”Vitakraft”, “Versele Laga” and many others.



TREATS FACTORY – the new factory for pet treats of AKVATERA LT, UAB was opened in 2021.

The new factory produces innovative supplemental snacks for pets. They are innovative because of their functionality – they are not only delicious, but also aid in nurturing the pets' health by strengthening their immune system and ensuring their well-being.

Furthermore, these treats are healthy, natural and produced with top of the line ingredients. The treats, which are made in the new factory, will be an innovation in the world of pet treats.



AKVATERA – one of the most modern factories in Northern Europe. This factory creates pet feed of highest quality, such as dry extruded dog and cat food, rodent and bird feed.

The ingredients are carefully chosen from reliable sources. ISO standards and thorough laboratory tests ensure a safe and high-quality production of products and effective control.

Production, made by AKVATERA LT, UAB, has already earned highest rewards not only in Lithuania but also worldwide – the feed is being exported into over 50 countries (Kazakhstan, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, South Korea and others)



TAURO KENNEL – Champions home. It is one of the biggest and most modern dog kennels in Northern Europe, which breeds Maltese, Bichon Frise and Pomeranian dogs. These dogs compete in worldwide competitions where they win the highest positions and put more awareness not only to the kennel, but also to Lithuania itself.

Pet food

Nature’s Protection

Nature’s Protection

NATURE’S PROTECTION – Premium class pet food for dogs and cats. Research has shown that many pets are not getting enough nutrients throughout the day. NATURE’S PROTECTION products allow your pets to receive the nutrients they need while enjoying a tasty meal.

At Nature’s Protection the safeguarding of quality comes first. It is our core principle to which no concessions are made. Quality is a total concept for us, including the fine ingredients we use and the products we deliver as well as the service we provide to our loyal customers.

At the moment Nature’s Protection brand branches out into 3 production lines: Nature’s Protection – regular line that fits all breeds and sizes of pets; Nature’s Protection Lifestyle – for active pets; Nature’s Protection Superior Care – products that fit the unique needs of the pets, including special production lines for white coat, black coat and red coat pets.



OAK‘S FARM – This brand is inspired by the family of OAK'S FARM developers. This family constantly lives surrounded by animals, so they see them as family members. Therefore, they created animal feed that does not yield to the quality and naturalness of the food that the whole family chooses. Product packaging is also decorated by the part of the family – son Ąžuolas and granddaughter Gluosnė. Remembering how to spend time with them in nature, the family decided to create a brand that would radiate family values and life together in a safe haven.



HIQ – on the journey of thorough research, and joyous discoveries, we have understood what works the best and brings the biggest benefits to our four-legged companions. Therefore, inspired by the pets around us, we created feeds of the highest quality, which meet world industry standards and satisfy the current and future needs of pets and their owners.

The things that we rely on, seek, and believe in is embedded in the structure of HiQ brand name:

H - Honesty / Open-mindedness, Trust; I - intelligence / Thirst for knowledge, Rationality; Q - Quality /Highest standards.

The long-term experience, search for knowledge and scientific achievements merge into an equilateral triangle seen in the logo – a symbol of harmony. It portrays the perfect balance of ingredients in HiQ products, and our skills to combine technological advancement with discoveries from nature.



The new age supplemental treats for pets are made not only to treat the pet, but to enhance the health also. They are made wheat-free, that can cause allergic reactions. The composition of the treats have a balanced probiotic and prebiotic content that helps to ensure a balance for the intestinal bacteria, a healthy intestinal medium and a smooth digestive system.

Filled with vitamins, that ensure a proper well-being. Composition has natural minerals, dynamic micronised clinoptilolite, which actively stimulates the intestinal microflora and assimilation of nutrients.

The treat production line (Nature‘s Protection, Nature‘s Protection Superior Care, Nature‘s Protection Lifestyle, Oak‘s Farm) has innovative ingredients and reflects the newest technologies and a feeding programme that is based on technologies. The composition of the treats only has highest quality protein sources and other innovative ingredients.




Tauro Pro Line – a professional, innovative and natural approach to pet care. The assortment includes – cosmetics and equipment, such as ozone baths and grooming tools. Our ambition is a natural composition, a healthy growing coat and quality cosmetics that do not contain any aggressive ingredients. We strive for long-term results for a healthy skin and coat of the pet.

There are two exclusive lines of cosmetics: White Coat and Healthy Coat – which allows for easy decisions when choosing the right products. All cosmetics are safe from harsh additives, such as: Silicones, parabens, SLS. The composition is 97% made up of natural ingredients that nurture, feed the skin and coat, such as: rosemary and almond extracts, milk protein, shea butter, wheat protein, vitamins and lipids complexes and many more.

About Us

The company’s history reaches back 30 years to when a 15-year-old Janita Januškauskaitė began grooming dogs in order to earn her first paycheck. Her love for animals, friendliness, high-quality service and sincerity also earned her many loyal customers. This was an excellent start for a family-run business.

Today KIKA GROUP is a growing company with more than 700 committed employees who take personal responsibility for providing quality products and satisfying consumer needs. 



I give answers to colleagues and leaders at a scheduled time, do the agreed work and projects, done by an order that is agreed within the company.


I do not waste my time for side work, I do work by priority, that was scheduled by my leader, do not put off work, that can be done now and here.


I do not fear to admit that I was wrong, forgot or am late, if I can fix the situation I do it instantly, honestly inform the leader about the situation, and do not hide the mistake that was made.


I always talk in concrete deadlines, stay on them, am lead by the agreed requirements and seek for result which can be measured.


To deliver superior consumer value that enhances the human-animal bond by selling products and services of undisputed quality, which is based on the needs of the animals.


KIKA GROUP aims to be recognised by retailers as a desirable business partner, which is known for providing the highest-quality products and service.

KIKA GROUP seeks not only to assist the customer, but to be known, on the customer level, as the retailer that has superior products and service when compared to a competitor.

KIKA GROUP seeks to maintain solid relationships with our customers and to be rewarded by steady sales growth and reasonable profit margins.



UAB KIKA Group is a company that is constantly growing (right now – about 700 employees). Common values and principles guide them in their work. Every employee assumes personal responsibility for the quality of the products and meeting consumer needs. We rely on our employees and, in return, delegate to them responsibility and independence.

We create new jobs from time to time. Even if you do not see a potentially suitable vacant position, do not hesitate to send your CV to atranka@kika.lt or info@kika.ee

We shall save your data in our database. Please specify the most suitable position / field of operations and location of employment.

Social responsibility

We sponsor numerous sports and cultural events as well as social projects. We cooperate closely with the Lithuanian Cynological Society; we offer our assistance in arranging dog shows on the national and international level.

We are concerned about homeless pets which has prompted us to offer support to numerous animal charity organisations. Since 2015 KIKA stores have adopted temporary shelters for homeless animals. Since then, together with our customer help, we have helped over 2300 homeless animals in Lithuania and over 190 animals in Estonia. With this project we seek to point attention to the huge problem of overpopulation of homeless animals and to encourage the choice of adoption.

Since 2017 KIKA retail chain has started working with Mamų Unija – a charity fund that cares for children that have experienced oncological diseases. In 60 of KIKA stores in Lithuania a charity money box can be found, where each customer can leave their donations for those in need. All the collected funds are donated to Mamų Unija.

KIKA also donates to 16 animal shelters in Lithuania. The donations consist of products that are most needed in shelters, such as feed and other required products. In bigger KIKA stores can be found a donation box, where each customer is encouraged to donate products to animal shelters. 


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